на Божествената Аурора

-- Посветено на любимия Учител -
Върховният Учител Чинг Хай


От Ермано Ре, Бали, Индонезия
(оригиналът на английски)


  Early morning,
My car is running through
The first light of a rising sun.
Right and left, tireless rice fields
Welcome the gold and red dawn
Of a new unpredictable day.


Feelings of commotion
In the very deep Mansion
Of my soul
Of an indescribable language
Spoken by billions of
Still lazily swaying dewdrops
On every stalk
Of the growing rice plants
And the unpredictable
Is there… Great Master,
In each dewdrop
Shines Your gracious silhouette
Whispering Your silent language of God…


At the edge of a huge extension of rice fields,
My car stops.
And like in a transcendental rapture
I see myself
Standing in the grass
Where the water of a tiny stream
Silently brings life and humbly
Greets God.
In a while (it could have been
one minute, or millions of years)
The illusion vanishes
And a light, like violet ethereal clouds,
Surrounds the scenery
While angels are dancing
To the harmony of a celestial Melody…


Rising feelings of commotion
Struggles, fights and pains,
Unforgettable karmas
Deep and painful turmoil of battles
The best and the worst
In a life.
Burning hot-white tears
Scarify deep wrinkles
On my cheeks.
Terrifying echoes of hammered drums
Of Kal
The call…the day…the moment
For every grasping human entity
Still searching for the Truth
And the way
That leads back Home.
Mutant shadows of human entities,
We cannot be late!


  Slowly… the nightmare of memories
And the pains dissolve,
And the vision
Turns to caress my heart.
On my lips
I feel from deep in my soul
The smoothest whispering of Your name
Humbly glorifying
The God incarnation of You,
Master…of You
Namo Ching Hai Wu Shang Shih
Divine Mantra to the eternal Truth
Of our beloved Master…

* Поетът, практикуващ Удобния метод, е също така професионален италиански писател.