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Can you imagine heating, cooling, and lighting your house independent of any power company, using renewable energy? Michael Strizki not only has imagined, he now has the exciting protocol to share with us. This innovative gentleman is the very first to show that an entire home can be run on a combination of hydrogen and solar power. He even has a plan to store all of the excess energy and use it to power his car.

The passion he has for hydrogen fuel cell technology, partnered with his drive to find a solution to the world energy crisis, has catapulted efforts that are now known as the Hopewell Project into action. The Hopewell Project, named after Strizki's home town, has been expensive to develop, but this does not concern Strizki. He believes that it sometimes takes personal sacrifice to bring about greater change, and he considers this energy project his life's work. "I have dedicated my life to making the planet a better place," he said.


Strizki's home has been converted into a free energy structure emitting no pollution. In the summertime, a nearby building with 1,000 square feet of solar roof panel harvests the energy needed to run the various appliances in his house. An electrolyzer uses the solar power to generate hydrogen from water, along with a number of hydrogen tanks that store the gas until it is needed. This renewable energy system also generates 60% more electricity than is needed by his 3,000 square foot home alone.

The extra stored energy comes in handy in the winter when there is less sunlight but the power demands remain high. When the energy is needed, the hydrogen is combined again with oxygen molecules within a fuel cell, creating electricity in the process as it turns back to water again. The energy created when these molecules collide can be used to power everything in the house.


Strizki also has built a car which is powered by batteries, yet which is very different from the rest. This new car, called the New Jersey Venturer, instead of being recharged by a source of electricity, is 're-fueled' with hydrogen. The hydrogen used in Strizki's car is created from hydroelectric power, making even the fuel a renewable energy source.

The technology for the car itself is also somewhat unique. According to EV World, a magazine devoted to the technology of electric vehicles, today's hydrogen fuel cars are projected to use 40 to 50 kilowatts of electricity, which is enough to power an entire neighborhood. But the New Jersey Venturer's combined approach of using batteries to operate the car and hydrogen fuel cells to power the batteries means that Strizki's "hybrid-fuel cell" car uses only 5 kilowatts of electricity, thus saving more energy altogether.

Great inventions and plans such as these are helping New Jersey to reach its goal of 20% renewable energy sources by the year 2020. Thanks to Michael Strizki for his dedicated efforts to improve air quality and the environment for everyone.