Писма на признателност
От центъра за защита на не-убиването

March 16, 2007 (Originally in English)

I want to personally thank You for Your contribution of $5,000.00 to the No Kill Advocacy Center.

This year, roughly 5,000,000 dogs and cats will be put to death in our nation’s animal shelters. But there is another way. In the last decade, several progressive communities have put into place a bold series of lifesaving programs and services which have dramatically reduced the death rate in those communities. Their successes prove that there is a formula for lifesaving, and that if we are to achieve a No Kill nation, it is incumbent upon shelters nationwide to embrace the programs and services which have been proven to save lives. It is our goal to help make that happen.

Please accept my thanks for Your support. Together, not only will we save lives; but we will also create a future where every animal will be respected and cherished, and where every individual life will be protected and revered.

Very truly yours,
Nathan J. Winograd