Master’s Wonders

Master Responds Immediately
to Animals in Need

By sister-initiate Cornelia Matzener, London, UK (Originally in English)

In several situations involving needy animals, Master has shown me Her divine omnipresent power by immediately answering my prayers.

The first such event occurred while I was living near a bird sanctuary. One night I was awakened from a deep sleep upon hearing the distressed calls of a little bird that lived in the field outside my garden. I had seen this type of bird before and knew that they nested in the tall grass that grew beside the nearby lagoon. The bird continued to make the calls for about half an hour. Then I suddenly remembered that a friend once told me about a bird living in his garden that had cried the whole night for her lost chick. The next morning he found the baby bird drowned in his pool.

Not wanting such a thing to happen to the bird in my yard, I began whole-heartedly praying to Master, asking Her to guide the little birds back together if they were lost and to calm them. Then instantly the atmosphere became quiet and the bird never made another sound. I was deeply moved that Master had helped the needy creature so quickly and felt that it was a miracle to have a prayer answered as soon as it was uttered.

In a more recent case, while staying on my mother’s small farm in South Africa, I again awoke to the cries of an upset animal coming from afar. This time it sounded like a dog or jackal caught in a trap. It was extremely dark outside as there was no moon so I woke my mother up and asked her to help me search for the animal, which I believed might be caught in a trap on the neighbor’s farm. After searching for a while on foot we found nothing and decided to continue our search by car. So we returned to the house and got my father to drive us up to the local rubbish dump—the yelps seemed to be originating from there.

We then scoured the area for nearly two hours in the dark before deciding to give up. At this point the animal sounded more like a puppy and seemed to be running to and fro over the nearby hill. Next my father and I climbed into the car to leave, but my mother walked a little farther up the hill and called for the animal one last time. Then as I sat in the car I remembered how Master had answered my prayer by helping the bird so I again prayed to Her and concentrated intently on my third eye, saying, “Please, Master, guide the animal to my mother.” After a while I looked up and asked my mother if she had found anything, and she said, “Yes!” It was a tiny, pitch black puppy that could not have been more than six weeks old. It was very small and yet we had found it in the darkness of night in the bush. Only Master could have helped us find the pup under such conditions!

I felt greatly overjoyed that another miracle had occurred. Again, I had experienced an immediate response to a prayer and felt Master was showing me that when we pray sincerely for the benefit of other sentient beings She will answer us straight away. I also feel deeply moved by the way She loves and helps animals unconditionally. Thank You, Master, for being so loving and kind to our fellow creatures.

Master’s Wonders

Master Responds Immediately to Animals in Need
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