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—Master’s Poetry CDs
 [In Aulacese]

With Her sweet, rich voice Master evokes Her feelings of love while living in the world, Her inner struggles during Her quest for the Truth, Her heartrending vow of renunciation and the divine grandeur of God’s manifestation to Her. Master’s singing is sometimes low and resonant, sometimes vibrant and spirited, and the profound sincerity of Her soul-stirring melodies instantly erases all secular thoughts in listeners, raising them to an ethereal realm.

CD-M027 That and This Day
CD-M028 Please Keep Forever
CD-M029 A Touch of Fragrance (Master’s poems sung by Aulacese singers)
CD-M030 Night’s Dream
CD-M031 Beyond the Realm of Time
CD-M032 What the Hell


Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Latest DVDs

DVD TV-4 (In English, with subtitles in fifteen languages)

A Journey through Aesthetic Realms TV program—Love Knows No Boundaries  

Summary: On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake and series of tsunamis struck South Asia, causing the greatest disaster in a hundred years. As details of the colossal catastrophe continued to emerge, love and merciful concern surged forth from around the world and relief supplies, rescue teams and medical workers poured into the affected areas. Deeply concerned, Master ordered The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association to launch a prompt relief operation. So members of the Association in Formosa and many other countries immediately organized rescue teams to render relief, being among the first to provide medical assistance and emergency provisions to the most devastated regions in Indonesia’s Aceh Province, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The initiates brought not only material aid, but also spiritual comfort through God’s blessings and the love that encompasses the universe.

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