Master’s Words


Living the Teachings Brings Us Naturally Closer to God


Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Florida, USA, September 25, 1999 (Originally in English) Videotape #704

Thank you for the things that you have done in the name of God and in your love for yourself and for me. We’ve done a lot of good things, but not because people need us to do it. Maybe they look poor but they’re not, not in the plan of God. They just play the role of being poor so that you can develop your compassion. So we thank them for the chance to develop ourselves and get nearer to the knowledge that we’re God. We’re coming to know more and more about our God Self, and that’s the purpose of anything we’re trying to do.

During your daily life, meditation and charitable, noble work I thank you for being along all this time through so many countries and doing so many things so unconditionally. God knows it and you know it and that’s what’s important. No one else should know or needs to know. Maybe they know and maybe they don’t. It’s OK. You know I am very proud of you, very, very proud. You make a very good example for the loved ones around you and for those who come in touch with you.

So I’m proud of you because you have improved your lifestyle; you have chosen to walk a noble way, the way of love. And you really have the courage, the will, the determination and the strong love to continue in this difficult way that you’ve chosen. To some, it might be very easy. To others, it’s not very easy. Nonetheless, you continue to walk the way of devotion, the way of love, the way that you think and that I am sure is the right way. I’m very, very proud of you, and you have no idea how many other people have followed your example. But it’s better for your ego that you don’t know.

It’s not only that you’ve been charitable and that you help in disasters; you’ve also helped a lot of people spiritually. You heal their hearts, you heal their invisible wounds with your presence, with your being loving, kind and concerned. And this is the most important goal that you can accomplish in your life. I don’t know if you’re successful in your business. But if you’re successful in your spiritual life, in your inner improvement, I consider you to be very, very successful, and I know you are. I’m very proud of you.

Also, I’m very happy for your children and for whoever comes in contact with you because I know you’ll bless them. You bless them with your sincerity, with your true understanding of who you are and of who they really are behind the mask of all the confusing delusions held by human beings: of being a frail creature, of being a bad loser, even of being a weak being. Behind all these illusions you know who the people really are. That’s why you bless whoever comes in contact with you, and that’s the best thing that you can ever do for yourself or for anyone else.

But never mind all this; I still thank you for the visible work that you do. I know you have followed my teachings, which are not really my teachings. They’ve been passed down to us from the many Masters of ancient times to Master Jesus, Master Buddha, Master Krishna, Master Mohammed and so on, and they continue being passed down to us.

But it’s not the teachings that are important; it’s the practice of the teachings. You’ve been practicing them and that’s why we can become One. That’s also why we love each other so much, and that’s why we can trust each other so much. Because we know that we’re the same, that we are One, that we desire the same things, that we do the same things and that we trust in the same God. You know who that God is. So I especially appreciate your goodness, your purity and your courage to try again and again for the ideal that you think is most noble and worthwhile to achieve.