Pearls of Wisdom








                               Life Views of

                                 the Enlightened

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Hawaii, USA,
March 27, 1993 (Originally in English)

Meditation is the answer. Meditation is sleeping while waking, sleeping without sleeping, and through it we find all the answers we need to know about life and death, about how to deal with our daily life, our family relationships and our financial business. We don’t fear the end of the world, we don’t fear recession and we don’t fear having no job, because at that time we know how to work according to the situation without standing there stamping our feet or waiting for something that is not in our share. We’re happy, and we can find a resolution to any problem that we face, every day. We’re happy in all circumstances, and many sicknesses and sorrows will just leave us. And all our worldly desires will also gradually say goodbye. This is the only solution to every problem.