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Vegetarianism Gains Momentum—US School Cafeteria Opens Vegetarian Lunch Line

By Dr. Diana Blicharski, Houston, USA (Originally in English)

Due to the efforts of former high school senior Miriam Archibong and thirty members of her Vegetarian Club, Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia has opened what is believed to be the first vegetarian school lunch line in the United States.

In the past, food for the school’s vegetarians was limited to bland salads and greasy cheese pizza, but now the vegetarian lunch line offers a broadened menu including veggie hamburgers, veggie egg rolls, pasta salad, vegetarian pizza and sloppy joes made with tofu.

The vegetarian food line, originally designed for thirty students, has now attracted non-vegetarians as well and serves vegetarian food to 400 of the school’s 1200 students daily! And the good news is that more schools are starting to look at Atlanta’s example.

According to a poll conducted by Time magazine (July 15, 2002), approximately ten million Americans are vegetarians, and another twenty million have experimented with the vegetarian diet. Children are apparently adopting the vegetarian lifestyle at a much faster rate than adults and are educating their parents to do the same. Thus, vegetarian food sales are experiencing double digit growth in the USA!