Master's Words

A Secret of Doing Things

Spoken By Suma Ching Hai,To Resident Disciples, Hsihu Center, Formosa.

25 February 1996.(Originally In Chinese)

At anytime, everyone should have a pen and paper with them. When I tell you to do something, you should note it down immediately. Otherwise, you will forget after a while. Or, during our meditation, we remember that we need to do this or that tomorrow, we should also write it down at once. Only in this way can we work efficiently!

I also do the same. That is why I asked you to buy these note pads for me. I place them everywhere, because I work throughout the day. I can't simply say, "I'm sorry! I have forgotten." I place them even beside my bed or in the bathroom, because I do not want to neglect my responsibilities. I even put them where I eat. Sometimes, while I am eating, I write down what I need to do. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I might forget.

If you say that you do not care about such trivial matters, then you are much greater than I; because even I have to take care of these matters. I put these little notebooks everywhere, just in case I need to write something down. It's because we should be responsible in what we do.

However, none of you do this. You are not responsible. So when you are asked, about anything, you always say that you have forgotten. You could not remember what you were supposed to do. You also forget what you need to do tomorrow. I told you to do something; and then a while later, it was not done.

I cannot do everything by myself. If you really love me like half of what you say, these things would never happen. I really have doubts about your love. If you truly love me like half of what you say, you wouldn't ill-treat me mentally this way. No one can bear this. This was requested, and that was done.

Also, wear gloves when you work; otherwise, you might get hurt. Like when you do cement work, you should wear a mask and gloves, or else you will get sick, and then you don't know why. Sure, you can take medicine for it. We can afford the medicine! But it would be too late. Why breathe in all that dust? It is bad for your lungs.

When you spray chemicals or fertilizer, or those who plant grass or trees, you need to wear a mask; because sometimes fertilizer is very toxic. It contains chemicals in order to keep the vegetation growing well. Buy the less toxic kind if you need to buy some. Avoid using it if you can, because sometimes the chemical contents cause an allergy reaction.

Also, those who do woodwork in the workshop or those who spray paint have to wear masks to protect themselves.

It is not alright just because we can afford the medicine. Why take medicine? Is it not better to protect ourselves in the first place? Why wait until we are in such agony that we are dying for the medicine? Sure, we can take medicine. But why? Prevention is better than the cure!

We, spiritual practitioners, are very sensitive. Of course, we have better bodily resistance than others. However, the world is getting more and more toxic, and our resistance can not keep up. I hear that recently there are many new germs and infectious diseases. All kinds of people come here; you should protect yourselves more.

Protect your bodies and your souls, but not your image! I don't mind being painted red and green, because in my heart I am not affected. You have not yet put any make-up on and your hearts have already moved. I get fed up with wearing different clothes, but you don't. I wear them for my work, and you wear them because you like to. I sing and write poems in response to people's requests, and to please others. You sing because you like to. So, there is a big difference, because what you do is for yourselves.

Why won't people get tired of seeing me? It's because everything I do is for others, not for myself. I don't have the smell of selfishness, and so people won't get tired of seeing me. People won't get fed up with whatever I do, all because the smell is different. They know immediately that what I do is for them, and not for myself. Therefore, you cannot fool others. Do you understand? The smell will arise and people will know what you are after; and regardless of what you say, you cannot fool anyone.

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