Учителят прибра

Чувствителният свят на животните

От сестра-посветена Алис Стаел, Ванкувър, Канада
(оригиналът на английски)

Сами е красиво куче от порода "коли". Тя е обичан член от семейството. Когато остарява, се парализират краката й. Семейството не иска да й прилага евтаназия, защото си личи, че Сами обича живота, независимо от физическото си състояние. Говорят й, че скоро ще настъпи времето да си замине, че ще им липсва, но че всичко ще бъде наред. Когато настъпва моментът на смъртта, Сами напуска тялото си бързо и леко, за две минути. Два дни след това по време на медитация съпругът вижда Сами заедно с Учителя Чинг Хай, облечена в бяло и златно. Те са щастливи и доволни. Сами се сбогува с него и потъва в светлината.

Sammy was a beautiful collie/shepherd dog that we had since he was a baby in 1992. His mother had been our companion for 4 years when Sammy was born, and then the two of them were with us for another 11 years until she passed on. Then it was only Sammy! Sammy was the most darling dog you could ever imagine. He followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom. He was my constant loyal companion, my loving child, my shadow.

Sammy was getting older, and one February morning, Golden Year 3 (2006), we went for our walk but halfway we had to bring him back home because he couldn't walk, his back legs were paralyzed. What should we do? We didn't want to euthanize him. Though as he suffered, we sometimes wondered if we were making the right decision. Still, Sammy seemed to love life, no matter how physically debilitated he got.


He was a big dog, and when he couldn't walk anymore, we made a wheelchair for him out of copper pipes; we copied what we saw on the internet. It was easy to make and inexpensive. How Sammy loved that! For six months he used the wheelchair and wanted to go everywhere; in his mind he thought he got the use of his legs back. Then he lost his sight and hearing.

Not long after that Sammy could no longer use his custom-made wheelchair! We had to lift him up and down the stairs to go out to the bathroom. It took both of us, and we are pretty big people! We felt so blessed that we work from home, so we could be around him all day and night. During the summer we took Sammy for a month camping trip, with him sleeping between us in the van every night. He adored that!

We knew that Sammy's time to depart this plane was soon coming, and talked to him about it. We told him that it was all right to go, that we would miss him, but that was okay.

One early February morning, Golden Year 4 (2007), I woke up and felt the need to go to Sammy. He was breathing heavily, and I didn't want him to suffer. I prayed to Master to take him quickly. Within two minutes he was gone; he looked so peaceful.

Two days later during his meditation, Saiid, my husband, saw Master come. She was in a white and gold dress, with a white hat, walking with Sammy. Sammy ran up to Saiid; he looked so beautiful, all healthy and robust. He licked Saiid's hand, as if to say good-bye. Master called Sammy, and away he happily went toward the light.

We feel so happy that we let Sammy live out his natural course of life, and are so delighted and grateful that he has a very best Friend in heaven. Thank You, Master!

PS. As You have probably already discovered, Sammy loves his tummy rubbed everyday!