Чувствителният свят на животните

Еднa много разбираща гъска

От новинарската група в Нанту, Формоза (оригиналът на китайски)

Господин Хуанг е фермер в Нанту. Той гледа гъска като домашен любимец, защото мисли, че гъските са дружелюбни същества и разбират хората. Нарекъл я е Деъри. Тя следва навсякъде 80-годишния му баща, когато се разхожда и проявява своето приятелство по най-различни начини. Госпожа Хунг казва, че Деъри е много обичана от нейното семейство и от съседите, и че семейството е спряло да яде гъше месо. Тя искрено призовава всички хора да се грижат добре за домашните си любимци през целия им живот, независимо от какъв вид са.

Mr. Huang is a farmer in Nantou County. He has a goose as a pet because he thinks geese are friendly creatures that understand humans. He named him Dearie. Dearie is a very special goose. He accompanies Mr. Huang's eighty-year-old father for a stroll in the fields every day. Every time old Mr. Huang calls Dearie, he goose steps his way out of the barn and answers with an "aw" as if to say "I am coming." Vehicles on the road usually slow down to let old Mr. Huang, Dearie, and a little black dog walk safely and slowly by the roadside. When we heard Dearie's response to being summoned, we couldn't help but feel that animals are our good friends.

Mr. Huang eagerly told us, "One day, my father was not feeling well and could not go for his daily walk. Dearie walked up to the glass door of the house and tapped it with his beak as if to remind my father that it was time to take the walk."

Dearie's friendliness and understanding of humans is really remarkable. He even gives Mr. Huang arm massages by gently squeezing them with his beak from the wrist up to the elbow. After massaging one arm, he starts on the other arm. When we went to visit him, Dearie was kind enough to give us a soothing massage, too.

Miss Huang said that Dearie is well-loved by her family and neighbors, and her family have stopped eating goose meat. She sincerely appeals to people to take lifelong care of their pets, no matter what kind they are.