Любов в действие


Поради щетите, причинени от проливните дъждове в някои области на Южна Бразилия, нашите посвенетени приложиха любящите инструкции на Учителя в действие и занесоха помощи в Нова Фрибурго и Сумидоуро. (Моля, отнесете се до новините в Списание 178). По-късно, група посветени отново донесоха утехата на Учителя за хората в нужда от два града: Кампос де Гойтакасес и Мюриае.

Божията Любов

 стигна Южна Америка

- Част 2

От новинарската група в Сао Паоло

In the face of the disasters caused by heavy rains in some regions of Southern Brazil, our fellow initiates have put Master's loving instructions into action to render some relief to Nova Friburgo and Sumidouro. (Please refer to the report in News #178.) Later, a group of fellow initiates again brought Master's comfort to the needy in two cities: Campos de Goitacases and Muria.

By the morning of January 25 in Campos de Goitacases, a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, four fellow initiates met with Ms. Ana Regina Campos Fernandes, the chief of Social Development and Promotion Secretariat, to find out which kind of products should be purchased in enough quantity for all the people who had been moved to a provisional public place. We then bought R$17,972.89 (about US$8,405.27) worth of detergent, household bleach, disinfectant, hand soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, and baby diapers. By the late afternoon, the products were delivered to "Dom Delfim" Educational Center, one of the temporary storage places for relief contributions. We also bought R$10,000.00 (about US$4,676.64) worth of toothbrushes, which were delivered in February.

That night, one brother went to Muria, a city in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, and arrived the next day. According to the people at the Social Development Secretariat of the city, in the beginning of January, two floods had already forced many people to either leave their homes or lose their possessions. Before people could recover, Muria had just suffered another flood on January 25, making more victims. After talking to Ms. Eveline Amaral, the chief of this secretariat, the brother bought 191 portable mattresses worth R$5,440.00 (about US$2,544.09) for the city's victims, especially the recent ones. The mattresses were soon carried onto a city hall's truck and taken to a club where the relief materials were temporarily stored.

We felt that it was God's arrangement that we always arrived in time wherever we went to bring Master's love and some material comforts to those in need.
Дете, помагащо да се пренесат пакетите до мястото на съхранение
Посветени, заедно с представител на Секретариата за Социално подпомагане и развитие в Кампос де Гойтакасес
Декларация от Секретариата за Социално подпомагане и развитие в Кампос де Гойтакасес
Декларация от Образователния Център "Dom Delfim" (в полза на Секретариата за Социално развитие в Мюриае) за получените 191 матрака за жертвите от наводнението