Ти ме правиш такава


Написано и илюстрирано от Юми, Съри, Великобритания (Оригиналът на английски)


I just cannot stop singing and dancing
in my heart because of Your love and
You have made me so.

Waking up in darkness

When stars still bright

When sheep still sleep

To catch Your light

To listen to You

With heart and soul.


You make me grow

You make me strong

With Your thunderous light.

You make me sing

You make me dance

With Your melodious sound.


You make me love

You make me touched

With Your ocean of love.

You make me laugh

You make me young

With Your miraculous voice.


I wish to shine with light

Helping to clear the clouds for You.

I wish to fly with You

So that You are not alone.


Whenever I think of You

I am in heaven.

Loving is my nature

Loving You is my life

As You make me so.