по време
на 5-дневния
международен ритрийт в Хсиху

Светът на историите





Интервюта и репортажи от Новинарската група в Тайпе (Оригиналът на китайски)

A Possible Accident Averted

On the evening following the close of the Hsihu International 5-Day Retreat, Master joined the remaining fellow initiates for a barbecue, tea and snacks, as well as in singing English, Chinese and Aulacese folksongs until midnight. Sister Tang and her family had the good fortune of spending an unforgettable night with Master and the other initiates.

Early the next morning on February 25, when the Tang family was driving home to northern Formosa, they suddenly detected a very strong smell of gasoline. Sister Tang's father alighted to check the car and found that there was a severe gas leak. They immediately drove to a garage for repair. After an inspection, the garage owner said that the old fuel pipe had ruptured and must be replaced. Otherwise, it could be very dangerous because the car could catch fire on the highway. However, the shop was out of stock and the owner would have to go with his motorbike to get a new pipe. He asked the family to wait patiently while he went in to get ready. After a short while, he came out and said, "You are lucky. I accidentally found a fuel pipe in a corner of my warehouse. You won't have to wait. I can change it for you right away."

Five minutes later, the Tang family was on their way. Traffic was smooth on the highway and they soon reached home safe and sound. The family gladly thanked Master for arranging a barbecue the night before, because if they had driven home in the dark, it would have been difficult to detect the leakage and to find a garage in the countryside. They were very grateful to Master for Her ingenious arrangement that saved them from a possible accident!

Чистосърдечните са най-близо до Бог

Денят преди 5-дневния ритрийт, Учителят любезно даде разрешение за получаване на посвещение. Този следобед, някои от децата, докато чакаха да получат посвещение, невинно попитаха: "Ще видим ли Учителят?" Родителите им казаха да се молят искрено в сърцата си. Тогава децата затвориха очи и се помолиха тихо.

След около час, Учителят спря точно пред децата в електрическата си кола и им махна. Ако имаме чисти сърца и вяра, по естествен начин лесно общуваме с Учителят отвътре и осъществяваме желанието си.