The Sentient World of Animals



The Amazing Maternal Instinct of Animals

By brother initiate Ah Sen, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

Master’s infinite love and mercy have significantly elevated the spiritual consciousness of Earth’s inhabitants, including animals. The following two incidents that occurred in Kaohsiung, Formosa testify to the touching love and high intelligence of our fellow creatures.


Intelligent dog saves newborn baby

On January 1, Golden Year Three, a ten-month-old female husky named Bobo made the headlines and became an overnight heroine in Formosa. That day Bobo’s mistress, a single mother about to give birth, went into labor and was afraid to go to the hospital because she could not pay the bills, which her health insurance would not cover as she was six months behind in her premium payments. Then, while she was on the toilet her baby unexpectedly dropped into the bowl before she collapsed onto the floor.

Just as the mother became fearful that the baby might drown, Bobo dashed into the bathroom, put her front paws on the edge of the toilet bowl and looked down. The dog then ducked her head into the bowl and tugged the baby out by his leg. The baby, now cradled in his mother’s arms, had difficulty breathing as water covered his head, face and nostrils, but the mother was too frail to get up and get a towel to wipe his face.

Bobo then began to lick the baby’s face repeatedly to clear away the water, and the infant was saved. Upon witnessing this scene, the mother’s despair disappeared. Bobo had reawakened her will to live and helped her stand on her feet again. So she decided to seek help from charitable groups, and this brought Bobo’s heroic actions to public attention.

The great motherly love of a dog

One day, three puppies fell into a three-meter-deep open gutter and their helpless mother, a stray dog, began to bark loudly, hoping to draw the attention of passers-by. Finally, the dog’s continuous, alarming barking attracted a compassionate pedestrian, who immediately alerted the local Concern for Stray Animals Association. Volunteer rescuers from the group then climbed into the gutter, but their search was hindered by the long, thick weeds growing inside. Meanwhile, the mother dog continued barking throughout the three-hour rescue operation, reminding the rescuers not to forsake any of her babies. She only stopped barking when the third puppy was saved, creating a truly touching scene.

The mother dog looked contented to be reunited with her puppies, and it was her intelligence and love that had saved them.