Master’s Wonders






Overcoming Longstanding

Hatred with a Mere Picture


By Brother-initiate Amos Barnett, Sydney, Australia (Originally in English)


“That day, we both felt the joy of an incredible miracle.”


In the Summer of 2005 I was working in the busy warehouse of a company in Sydney as a supervisor of twenty employees, including a friendly, competent, middle-aged woman with whom I often interacted closely. And even though the work environment was highly stressful, I always tried to speak positively to the workers to encourage them and reduce tension.

One day as the woman and I were chatting, the conversation turned to the topic of other workers, and the woman said that another employee often made her so angry that she could not stand working with her. Afterwards when we spoke more about this problem, I decided to ask the woman about her feelings toward the other worker and she said, “Whenever I see that woman, even without speaking to her, I feel a lot of hatred and have an almost uncontrollable desire to attack her.” So I replied, “Maybe you have this feeling because you’ve lived many past lifetimes with her and you were always in conflict and it’s built up and up over time until now you only feel like fighting.” Then, surprisingly, the woman acknowledged that I might be right, but added, “I don’t know what to do about this feeling.” I next recalled reading about such situations and the fact that they were almost impossible to resolve. So I asked if she had prayed for help, and she said that she had prayed often asking that she be relieved of her hateful feelings toward the other lady, but her prayers had not been answered.

So I felt sorry for my co-worker but was at a loss about what to do. Then I suddenly remembered the photo of Master that I always carried in my wallet, took it out and told her, “This is my meditation Master. Why don’t you hold onto Her picture for a day or two because it carries blessing power and it might help you.”

We then continued with our work and I thought about the situation no more until about two hours later, when the woman came up to me with a look of excitement and joy on her face. I asked her what was going on and, handing back the picture of Master, she told me in an ecstatic tone, “All my hateful feelings toward that woman have completely disappeared!” So that day, we both felt the joy of an incredible miracle. Master’s compassion, grace and love for all beings had resolved the longstanding resentment between these two people, neither of whom are spiritual practitioners!

Now, whenever I feel depressed and think my situation is hopeless, I look at a picture of Master and remember that even when I believe I can do nothing to change a situation, the Master power can resolve issues that appear insoluble.