Love in Action


Report from USA


Holiday Joy and Peace
Come to the Homeless

By the Los Angeles News Group (Originally in English)

In December 2005, fellow initiates from the Los Angeles Center, USA shared Master’s love, blessings and precious, noble teachings with the local community by distributing 329 holiday gift packages to residents of four homeless shelters in the cities of Anaheim, Fullerton and Santa Ana in Orange County, CA.

The gift packs included blankets, carrying bags, scarves, personal hygiene items and nutritious boxed vegetarian meals consisting of stir-fried veggie chicken, noodles, fried rice, fresh salad, vegetables and dessert. And after the gift distribution effort in each locale, the recipients joyfully expressed their feelings, with one commenting, “I’ve been longing for these things, especially the carrying bag. I think God knows what I need. That’s why God sent your group to us. You’re a wonderful group and have a fantastic Master.”

Moreover, during the events the healthy, natural, delicious food earned many compliments. Thus, the kitchen team’s work yielded a positive response from both the facilities’ staff members and residents, who praised the cuisine with remarks such as “I can’t believe this is vegetarian chicken! It tastes like real chicken.” The recipients also inquired frequently about the Quan Yin Method and the vegetarian lifestyle and many asked to receive more vegetarian food in the future.

Throughout the 2005 holiday gift-sharing activity with the homeless, the Los Angeles sisters and brothers all experienced Master’s boundless love and sacred power moving through their hearts, and hence grew spiritually. So the initiates, who represented bridges bringing Master’s compassion and blessings to the less fortunate, vow to continue being Her noble instruments ready to work in every corner of the world!

Postscript: Due to the extremely positive response they received from their 2005 holiday gift- and food-sharing activities with the homeless, who came to realize that vegetarian food is both healthy and enjoyable, the LA Center initiates are now extending their efforts by providing monthly vegetarian meals at a number of homeless facilities around Los Angeles and Orange Counties in Southern California.


God’s Gifts of Hope and Faith Touch the Homeless

By Diana Nguyen, Houston (Originally in English)

Despite the glory of Christmas and its joyous spirit, fellow initiates from the Houston Center recognized that many people suffer misfortune during the holiday season. Also, recent natural disasters along the Gulf Coast of the United States caused an influx of evacuees to Houston, many of whom were homeless, and for them the Christmas season of 2005 would be particularly difficult.

Thus the practitioners decided to bring some much-needed merriness to the less fortunate by creating 200 gift packs that included towels, tee shirts and socks along with spiritual inspiration in the form of Master’s flyers and sample booklets. The sisters and brothers also obtained materials to set up an outdoor booth for handing out the gifts and serving hot coffee and donuts.

Then, on the evening of December 24th, the initiates gathered for group meditation to prepare for a successful gift-distribution effort the following day, and on Christmas morning traveled to a well-known homeless hangout in downtown Houston. Within minutes, the team had set up the booth and filled it with gifts, steaming coffee and donuts, and after placing Master’s literature and pictures around the stand, they were ready to share Her love.

One by one the homeless brothers and sisters approached, and the initiates greeted them with coffee, donuts and gifts while many expressed warm gratitude for this holiday surprise and lingered to ask questions about Master and Her teachings, bringing the best possible Christmas gift to the initiates as they saw hope and faith spring up in the recipients’ faces.

Then after the Christmas 2005 gift distribution project was completed and the initiates were packing up and preparing to go home, they felt grateful for having had the chance to serve others and receive so completely in return. Resolving to continue their efforts in the future, everyone hoped to remember the day and the inspiration of sharing Master’s love and compassion with their fellow human beings.

New Jersey

Conveying God’s Mercy through Master’s Divine Melodies

By the New Jersey News Group (Originally in English)

Recently, through Master’s blessings, New Jersey initiates got the chance to put Her teachings into practice on a regular basis by signing up at local homeless shelters to cook monthly vegetarian meals for the patrons.

The brothers and sisters began the effort on November 25, 2005, the day after Thanksgiving, by serving a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner consisting of mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetarian turkey at the Leavenhouse in Camden, New Jersey. The initiates first helped fill the facility with blessings by playing the DVD Songs and Compositions of the Supreme Master Ching Hai. As the guests watched and listened to Master and enjoyed the warm atmosphere created by Her melodious voice, their meal was served. Many sat and viewed the video with rapt attention, and one man liked Master’s songs so much that he immediately remembered the lyrics and sang happily along with the song “Go! Go! Go!”

Besides the hot meals, the initiates also provided 150 gift packages, which the shelter patrons were extremely glad to receive. The packages had been carefully and lovingly prepared by the work team and included socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, towels, cookies, candy and fortune cookies containing Master’s aphorisms, which added spiritual meaning to the gifts.

Then, on December 17, the initiates returned to the shelter with Christmas gifts and hot meals, including steaming veggie Hungarian goulash. Since the weather had become very chilly, everyone greatly enjoyed the delicious hot soup, which was served along with French bread and a slice of cake for dessert.

As soon as the initiates began playing Master’s lecture DVD, the atmosphere inside the shelter changed noticeably. The attendees very much enjoyed this meaningful and beautiful program, expressing their gratitude and saying that they had never received such a treat before. It was clear that God’s love had touched the participants to the bottom of their hearts like sunshine dispelling their misfortunes.

The shelter’s manager also sent a letter (see below) to thank The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for its support and concern for the homeless.

Through their efforts at the Leavenhouse, the New Jersey practitioners learned a great deal about working together, and saw how perfectly God arranges everything. They also appreciate the opportunity God provided them to learn through serving others with unconditional love.


Letters of Appreciation                  

(Originally in English)

Date: January 11, 2006

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association
P.O. Box 730247
San Jose, CA 95173-0247

Dear Followers of the Teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai:

My name is Tom Knoche. I am part of the community that operates Leavenhouse, a center that serves people who need food and housing in Camden, New Jersey. Over the last few months, followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai have been coming to Leavenhouse approximately once a month on Saturdays to serve meals to our guests. We usually serve 75-100 people on Saturdays. Your group brings nutritious food and serves the meal in a very tranquil and dignified manner. We want to thank you for your assistance and generosity.

Leavenhouse is a humanitarian non-profit facility without religious affiliation. We are all volunteers who do the work here because we believe that every human being is entitled to decent food, shelter, education, health care and employment that pays a living wage. We are sad that our society does not provide the support and opportunities that are needed by many of it members, and we oppose war.

We thank you again for your generous support and concern for people with special needs.

Tom Knoche,

From the Leavenhouse community, New Jersey, USA