Master Says




Catch Up with the Pace of Universal Development

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Budapest, Hungary Retreat,
February 23, 2005 (Originally in English)

We have to help the world evolve higher and higher to join the other evolved galaxies, and by so doing we also help ourselves to elevate.

Everything has changed: The world has changed, I’ve changed and you’ve changed. Everyone must change. We must catch up. I look the same, but I’m not the same anymore. Everything’s changed; the inner concept has changed and my way has changed so you must change. Change the way you think, change the way you treat yourself and change the way you treat meditation. You must make it the most important thing in your life!

So if you have to do something, do it. If not, just go find a place to meditate; anywhere will do. Even if you have to sit on the snow with your coat on, so be it. Just sit there and meditate. You won’t be the first one, except that you are more fortunate. There was one Master in China, who, before he became a Master, knelt outside in the snow for three days to ask for initiation. After three days of kneeling on the ground in the thick snow, his Master still said, “No.” So, to show his sincerity, he cut off his arm, took the arm and offered it to the Master. Then the Master was touched and initiated him, and he became one of the six Patriarchs of China (Hui Ke, the Second Patriarch of Zen Buddhism).

I’m not asking you to chop off your arm, please. (Laughter) But you are already very fortunate; that’s what I mean. Even if you have to sit in the snow to meditate, so be it. Do it! Even if you sit there and your mind runs in all directions, God still knows you’re devoted and you get your points. Because we can only try our best; it’s not our fault that the mind is occupied with so many stupid, mundane and unimportant things in life. This life overwhelms us in all directions, at all times and in any situation. So whenever you have a chance to meditate—be it at the center, on the bus, in the park, in the baby-sitting area, anywhere—you should meditate. Especially at this time, in the transitional period when planet Earth is joining all the more developed galaxies, everything is blessed and open for the faithful ones.

Even if you stay hungry and thirsty, just meditate. Of course, if you have food and drink, then take care of yourself. But even if you have to die while meditating, just do it. That’s the only thing that stays with you. Never mind; don’t worry. We’re also helping the world to transition well into the new millennium. You’ve heard that in the year 2000 the world was supposed to have been “kaput.” That was true, but I didn’t want to tell you. Of course, also because I’m here it won’t happen. In London, I told you it wouldn’t happen and it did not happen (please refer to DVD#662, Face Life with Courage, June 9, 1999). But it almost happened! So, disasters on a Biblical scale are everywhere. You know that yourself. I’ve even told you in advance that you need to do more diligent meditation because the cleansing period is going on.

You can see this yourself, once you change. As you meditate and your level becomes higher, you can feel it yourself. And everyone else around can see it. You’re lighter, you’re more open, you’re more easygoing and simple and it’s very easy for you to understand quickly. The people who are lower level are more complicated, or they have always been complicated and they still stay complicated. But once you transit from the Second Level into the Third Level, it’s completely different. It’s very quick and very different! And the higher the level, the more distinct the difference is.

Before you pray, think; think of whether your prayer is really good or if it’s selfish. Prayers have an effect. Make sure that what you want is really good for everyone because everything you pray for, I have to do—no one else. So sometimes if I meditate more, it’s better for you and better for the world. It’s not that my seeing you is better for you. That’s not necessary all the time.

We are always connected. I never feel that I’m far away from you so why do you feel you’re far away from me? No matter whether I sit here or I sit in a cave, I never feel that I’m separated from you. Why do you feel separate and feel that you need to see me? There are two types of things in life you have to distinguish: the things that are necessary and the things you desire. The necessary thing is good; it has to happen; you have to have it. The thing you desire, if you have it, good; if you don’t have it, OK. The necessary things are OK; we should have them but the things we desire have to be separated from that.

Even if you want to see me today or tomorrow or next year, how long will my physical body last? So I’m in here (Master points to Her wisdom eye); I’m in here (Master gestures toward Her heart). The best thing is that you’re with me all the time, twenty-four hours a day. That means you meditate, be good, treat others well and remember God, and that’s it. That’s how we are together—we look in the same direction. Remember? It is said that love is not looking into each other’s eyes but looking in the same direction. That is very correct. So as long as we do the same thing and we think the same thing, we’re always together. And later, we’ll all be together all the time, forever. We have to help the world evolve higher and higher to join the other evolved galaxies, and by so doing we also help ourselves to elevate.

That’s the best thing. That’s the best union with me. Otherwise, when you come here, you sit here but we’re a thousand miles apart. You’re not one with me. You follow your own stupid mind; you don’t follow me. So even if you sit around, it’s useless. You might as well go home.

You must save your time. Anything that’s unnecessary, don’t do it. And anything you have to do, do it quickly! One second is your life; half a second is your life. Meditate well and join the Saints in the whole universe. You cannot lag behind; they will laugh at you, especially since you’re my disciples! So, to become a Buddha is easy. You just get the right method and practice. It’s like a science: You just research in the right direction and you find it.

Being Natural is Being True to Your Self

Do not care for appearances, do not care what people tell you about yourself and do not care how people think about you because the whole world is illusion. It doesn’t matter who is there to think of who is who, and so appearances sometimes deceive people and we don’t try to do that kind of thing. So you have to check yourself as to whether you’re sincere here. (Master places Her hand over Her heart.) And don’t make an outward appearance of being a virtuous person because that’s sickening. Everyone thinks you’re good, but you are not. It’s bad for you! Not just bad for the other people who misunderstand you, but it’s also really bad for you. Because people expect you to be that way and then you think you are OK, and you stay that way all the time.

So you don’t check yourself and you don’t improve! Because you think that if you’re just smiling, being friendly and being diligent at the center, everyone will think you’re a Saint and you use that to cover up your inner weaknesses and your lower level. But it’s really bad for you because it works; it does work! So you continue smiling and working and helping. Whenever people know that you’re working, you work so people think you’re working. Or, you smile and are pleasant and people think you’re a Saint. So it works for you, and you just keep using it that way.

But the more you use this outer mask, the less you’ll be in contact with your Self because it works for you, so why not? After a while, you also think you’re OK and you don’t know that you should improve more inside: sincerely, really and genuinely. Appearances really cheat a lot of people; you can even cheat yourself. So don’t do that. I’m not happy if you come here and prostrate ten thousand times. I told you to meditate; I never told you to prostrate to me. It bugs me.

Whatever you do, make sure you face yourself, not me and not the person next to you. Face yourself: “What am I doing? Am I correct? Am I really being honest and sincere with myself? Am I really improving?” Face yourself, not me; I don’t care. Even if I scold you and say, “Don’t do that!” I don’t care because it doesn’t concern me, but your life is your life so make a beauty out of it. Don’t go everywhere just bringing garbage and disturbing everyone for your own sake. Seeking attention at the center is just as bad as seeking attention outside; it’s all desire for fame and profit.

So watch it: Don’t just stay there forever, relying on all these masks to survive in this society. This body is nothing; any body is nothing. We’re just housed in it for a while so we can fulfill our purpose. Don’t make a big deal out of appearances. No one cares. Just be honest and sincere and genuine. Be natural; I love that!

The More You Serve, the More You Expand

The problem with some of you is that you come here and think only of yourself. You don’t even care about the person next to you or about what he wants. You don’t think of anyone, which is good but it’s selfish. So it depends: If you come here to concentrate on meditation and on God alone, that’s good. But if you just try to take everything for yourself—the attention from the Master, the place of the fellow practitioner—to get the so-called best and all of that, it’s no good.

There’s a difference between being self-centered and being selfish. Being self-centered means that you’re centered in yourself and you meditate; that’s good. And you don’t care about what’s happening, or the gossip or the things that don’t concern you; that’s correct. But if you’re selfish, you want to take everything for yourself and then it’s very bad for you. Even when you come here, you won’t get anything. You might actually lose some points because selfishness always makes you lose points. Anytime you concentrate on trying to get things for yourself alone, you lose everything! Whereas if you try to serve other people with love and unconditional devotion you gain.

That’s the irony of the universe because whenever you offer yourself to other people or even to one person, you expand. Your energy or aura expands at least into that person’s area. But every time you think of yourself with “I need this” or “I want all this for myself,” you’re framed in it.

The more you serve, the more you expand. You get bigger! I’ve been telling you this for twenty years, and you say you know: “Yes, that’s good, Master. You speak so nicely.” But if you don’t even understand and don’t practice what I tell you, it’s a waste of time. I don’t mean any of you in particular; we’re just talking in general, but for those people who still have this lingering trouble of selfishness and ego, just drop it!

The more you grab, the more you lose. This is a very paradoxical law of the universe, but it’s like that. So improve yourself; do whatever you think is good and really try hard. I know the world is very unkind to you. Many times it gives you trouble and gives you obstacles. Even your family members, even the ones you love, the ones you think understand you and are closest to you, make trouble all the time. I understand this.

That’s why I tell you these things again and again. I don’t get angry and then just throw you out because I know you don’t know; I understand. It’s very difficult for you to survive in this world spiritually because everything tries to take you out of it. The moment you want to sit, even the thing from yesterday comes back. It’s not that a person bugged you yesterday and then it’s done; it comes back to you. And it lasts many days. Sometimes the heart aches for many weeks, sometimes for many months, sometimes for many years.

So it’s not just like someone hurt you yesterday or last week, and then you suffer one week or one day and that’s enough! No, it comes back to you all the time, stabbing your heart, and you try hard to concentrate here (Master points to the wisdom eye), to think of God and to think positively but it’s very difficult. I know that. So just try. No matter what, your effort has borne fruit because all of Heaven knows.

Only Spiritual Evolution Can Bring About Universal Harmony

In case you have any questions, you can ask me. If not, you may meditate again. That’s your job, but you do it to make your life better as well, to clear up the fixed karma you should pay in this lifetime. If you meditate, it’s also lessened and it helps the world become even more elevated. It also helps the universe to become united and to balance things out so that one planet isn’t too high and another planet isn’t too low. Because then we have war between the planets.

Interplanetary war has happened before. The planets were so different in frequencies, spiritually speaking, that they made war with each other. So to have peace we need to meditate to bring the atmosphere into a peaceful state. Because even though this world might be at peace, if other planets are not peaceful, you still have war: not war on the planet, but interplanetary war.

This world has been destroyed before. This world has reached a very high level of scientific success, but then because people knew too much and their spiritual side didn’t develop, they made war with other planets and other planets made war with them so many things were destroyed.

We used to be more civilized. We’re getting back there now; we’re getting back, but if we don’t balance our knowledge with wisdom, and if we don’t balance the material gains with spiritual success, we will destroy not only our planet but other planets as well. Many planets have been destroyed because of this. If we have too much intellectual knowledge but no spiritual wisdom we just have war with each other.

It’s now the twenty-first century of this planet, the twenty-first century since the time of Jesus, but this planet existed for an even longer time before that, and we’re still making war! Can you imagine? Like barbarians! We call ourselves human yet we’re killing other humans without any remorse. And we call that “civilization.” At this time, we’re still killing each other like in the jungle or caveman times. We call those people cavemen, backward or primitive but at least they didn’t kill each other on this scale! So material civilization doesn’t offer us any comfort or any peace; only spiritual attainment does. You can see that for yourself.