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Aspire to a Higher Vision and Create a Positive Future

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, London, U.K.
June 9, 1999 (Originally in English) Videotape #662

Q: I’ve read a lot of psychic predictions that say something will happen on the 17th of August.

M: The 17th of August is only one month away! (Master jokes.) So where do we run now?

Q: I also read scientific research that said something would come into the atmosphere on that day.

M: They’ve said that many times already. How many times now was a comet supposed to hit us? Don’t worry about all this, OK? Don’t worry! You have to know Heaven, and then you don’t have to worry about anything else because even if you worry, what can you do? You have to take refuge in God now, and then you can see something more positive. If the person making these predictions sees something negative, it’s his problem because his level is negative.

I can show you a higher vision, and then you’ll see something different. One person’s prediction is not always correct for the whole of humankind. Because sometimes people sit and they see something, which might even be the hell that’s next to them but that doesn’t mean hell comes to all of us. It never does! People see according to their level. A person might be a very good psychic, but if he isn’t vegetarian, if he wasn’t initiated by the highest Master, he can only see some small vision at his level. So don’t believe in such things.

I’m going to be here past the year 2000, you’ll see. And all of you will too! So don’t worry about the end of the world. It won’t happen. Just be good and please remember God in your heart. Even if you don’t get initiated and learn with me, just pray in your heart with all you know. Pray to God; God loves us. Nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen, I promise!