You May Not Know


Progressing Spiritually Elevates the IQ

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Budapest, Hungary Retreat,
February 26, 2005 (Originally in English)


The higher one’s spiritual level, the higher one’s IQ will be. So among us, we have people with genius IQs. Because 150 or even 140 is a genius IQ, and we have lots of those! But appearances are sometimes deceiving. Some people look stupid but they’re not, while others look smart but they’re not.

Because the more spiritually elevated you become, the higher the IQ you will have. One goes with the other. Have you ever wondered why Einstein was so smart? He was a vegetarian, but why? He must have practiced something; otherwise, why would such a person be a vegetarian? At that time, very few people even knew what a vegetarian was!

So, the only reason Einstein ate vegetarian must have been that he was in touch with some yogis and practiced spiritual meditation, and so his IQ went up; because at that time such things were very remote. Few people knew what yoga was; few meditated and few were vegetarian. So, Einstein was one of the very few. Of course his IQ was high! If I threw you back into that era, you would all be Einsteins because you’d be too smart for that time.

You are all Einsteins: big Einsteins, small Einsteins, mini-Einsteins! Because your IQ has gone up together with your spiritual practice. So the spiritual level opens up all the channels. It cleans out all the clogging up from inside your spiritual ‘arteries’ and even your physical veins; it makes the blood flow better and the information travel better. Everything is clearer.

The higher you go, the clearer the channels become. So you get more information and even more correct instructions from the brain. Otherwise, even if the brain is smart and tells you what to do, your hands may be clumsy. The blockage is here (Master points to Her upper arm) and only a little bit of information seeps through. So you do only half as well. Spiritual blockage thus also influences physical clarity.

So, if people don’t practice spiritually, they become less intelligent. Even though they may have been intelligent when they were younger, if they grow up and ruin themselves with meat, alcohol or things from this damaging environment, they become less smart. So it’s not that we practice spiritually just to go to Heaven. While we’re on this planet, we can already make use of it. We can help others because we’re smarter; we become leaders. Then when someone doesn’t know what to do, you come along and say, “That thing is easy!” And within two minutes, you’ve already offered a solution. And that person was thinking, “You look so young! How could you be so smart?”

If you have a situation that tests you, you’ll know you’re smart. Because most of the time you don’t know. You practice and you grow slowly, and because you were stupid before you think you might still be stupid. (Laughter) But when the situation comes to test you, you realize, “Hey, I have gone up a little in IQ!”

It’s OK if you’re not tested, but the more you’re tested in different situations, the more you realize that you’re really smart now. You are really smart! Not like crafty smart, but truly intelligent. And then you feel proud; you know that spiritual practice really works. Even your family members and coworkers will be left wondering. They might say, “What happened to you? Something is changed! What did you do?”

You might not be in an environment where you can be tested or where people can see you or feel the difference in you because they’ve been with you for some time and they can tell the difference. So if you work alone or live alone, of course, no one knows or notices and then you also don’t think about it. But if you happen to rub shoulders with other people, then you know you are really different. Because they also know you are different! They don’t know how or why, but they do know that you are different, that you’ve grown in some way and that you have something now that they don’t understand and they don’t have.

So, even though you’re small potatoes here, (laughter) I know you are something outside. Don’t think I don’t know it; I do respect that and I do respect your accomplishments. But I don’t want you to stop there! Every time you come here, I push you, I kick you, I pull you and I scrub you to make you better. And then when you go back home the next time, you are different! Don’t think so little of yourself, even if I reprimand you. It’s just a process that you’re going through. You are allowed to make mistakes, of course. You are disciples! Otherwise, you would have been Masters.