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Master’s Teachings Elevate a Book Exposition

By the Jakarta News Group (Originally in Indonesian)

[Jakarta] From December 7-11, 2005, Jakarta initiates shared Master’s teachings through the Annual National Book Fair of Indonesia held at the spacious Jakarta Convention Center. The event’s theme was “The Raising of Aceh,” which addressed the rebuilding of the area most severely affected by the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The Fair attracted countless visitors and was attended by over a hundred publishers.

Although the initiates were enthusiastic about participating in the event, they were late in registering for an exhibition booth so initially none were available. However, just a few days before the Fair the organizer informed them that one of the participants had cancelled so they acquired a booth and were amazed at God’s perfect arrangement! At the booth, the practitioners displayed large photos of Master along with Her publications, and also continuously presented Her video-lectures so that the exhibition arena was blessed by Her wise words.

The Fair was officially launched by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Jusuf Kalla. And after the opening ceremony, when Mr. Kalla stopped at the initiates’ display a sister gave him a sample booklet and VCD and he said, “Oh, it’s about meditation? I’m going to read it especially if I’m under stress.”

During the Fair, many visitors stood endlessly watching and listening to Master’s video-lectures, including one couple who viewed attentively for a long period until the initiates offered them chairs to sit on, to which they replied, “Thank you!” and kept watching. Also, a number of guests asked questions such as “Who is this beautiful lady?” and “Where does She come from?” and said they planned to learn the Convenient Method of meditation. In addition, some had already read Master’s books and inquired if Master was planning to come to Indonesia someday.

In the evening before the last day of the Fair, the practitioners had the wonderful opportunity to play Master’s lecture delivered at the Parliament of The World’s Religions in 1999 on the main stage of the venue, attracting a large number of guests.

The next day when the National Book Fair of Indonesia ended, the initiates felt sincerely grateful to Master for allowing them to participate in the event, and observed that more and more people are becoming interested in spirituality, reflecting the continued progression of the Golden Age.  

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