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Report from Australia


Greeting 2006 with a Blissful Videoconference and New Meditation Hall

By Hoang Khanh, Canberra (Originally in Aulacese)

[Marulan/Canberra] The Marulan Center is located in a peaceful suburb of Marulan, a town along the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. In late December approximately 120 fellow initiates from the nearby areas of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Wollongong joyfully convened at Marulan for a 2005 year-end retreat, which coincided with the inauguration of the Center’s new meditation hall.

The hall was built by initiates, some of whom traveled many miles from Sydney and Canberra to help with the construction. And despite a number of difficulties encountered during the project, through Master’s arrangements and blessings the work was completed before Christmas 2005, thus making the retreat possible. During the retreat, several initiates could not hold back their joy and revealed their inner vision of seeing Master bless the Center abundantly.

Moreover, at 8:00 AM, on the first day of 2006, all the initiates were extremely elated and touched on seeing the bright face and hearing the tender voice of our beloved Master on the Internet wishing a Happy New Year to fellow initiates around the world. Her New Year’s wishes were like fresh, cool nectar flowing in the hot, humid weather that prevailed during the retreat.

Thus, thanks to Master, the Marulan meditation hall has been successfully completed and lodging facilities built so that local initiates can now hold retreats under favorable conditions. And due to the availability of much spacious, peaceful land at the Center, we will continue to develop facilities so that more fellow initiates can come regularly to retreats and thus uplift themselves spiritually. 


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