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Report from the United Kingdom


Happy Golden Year Three—A Live Videoconference and Party with Supreme Master Ching Hai

By the London News Group (Originally in English)

[London] On December 31, 2005, Lond on initiates experienced one of their most memorable evenings ever when our dearest Master blessed them by holding an international videoconference at the London Center to celebrate the start of Golden Year Three.

The Center is located in a small house, so accommodating a large number of disciples inside to see Master and conduct the conference was challenging. However the diligent work team labored non-stop to make the Center hospitable and technologically equipped for the event, and with many brothers and sisters pitching in they managed to create a splendid party atmosphere.

Master arrived just after 9:00 PM looking like the most beautiful being to ever walk the Earth! She then greeted everyone with absolute love, and for many disciples who had never seen Her before it was truly the most impressive experience of their lives as She radiated warmth and happiness to all.

Next the conference calls began with Master contacting various centers around the globe to wish them a Happy New Year, and everyone was jubilant to hear and see Master after a long absence. Some centers experienced technical difficulties during the conference, but the blessing of Master’s radiant light nonetheless filled everyone with bliss.

After the conference calls, the mince pies and Christmas pudding that Master had bought for the disciples were served, and everyone thus had a sampling of pure love and grace from the blessed desserts on this rare and special occasion.

Then thirty minutes before midnight, just like Cinderella, Master surprised everyone with some magic tricks she had learned especially for the occasion. And just like innocent children, all the initiates laughed and enjoyed Master’s magic until the countdown for the New Golden Year, at which time non-alcoholic champagne was served to everyone as fireworks from the surrounding neighborhood popped and banged.

The evening then proceeded with Master and the brothers and sisters telling jokes as the atmosphere at the Center remained on a high note with everyone feeling extremely radiant and happy. Tears of joy, laughter, blessings and unexplainable emotions flowed through the initiates like a pure ocean of love. It was the most amazing New Year’s celebration anyone had ever experienced, one that will never, ever be forgotten!


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