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Feeding Body and Soul at a Vegetarian Congress

By the Buenos Aires News Group (Originally in Spanish)

[Buenos Aires] On December 10, 2005, the 2nd Vegetarian National Congress was held by the Argentine Vegetarian Union (AVU) at the Interamericana Open University in Buenos Aires featuring the theme “The Art of Feeding Yourself.” As in 2004, fellow initiates and Convenient Method practitioners from the local center conducted a booth at the event. The initiates also introduced the public to Master and Her message of Truth by delivering an uplifting talk.

Before the Congress began a large banner bearing photos of Master was placed prominently above the Quan Yin booth, and then various videotapes of Master’s life and lectures were shown continuously on a TV screen. Many guests stayed for long periods to attentively watch the tapes and inquire about the Quan Yin path. Naturopaths and other participants also came to the booth several times for sample booklets to give to friends with spiritual affinity.

During the Congress, the initiates were happy to see how the Golden Age is manifesting in their homeland. The 1st Vegetarian National Congress was held in 2004 and a branch of Anima Naturalis, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that works along with People for the Ethical Treatment in Animals (PETA), began operating in Argentina in September of Golden Year One. Both organizations are devoted to promoting vegetarianism and safeguarding the lives and rights of animals by conducting campaigns and proposing bills in Argentina, some of which have already been passed. In addition, a new AVU branch was recently created in the city of Bah燰 Blanca, and through Master’s grace it appears that a very significant change in consciousness is occurring in the country.

During the Truth-sharing talk, which was entitled “Spirituality and Vegetarianism,” a sister-initiate stressed the importance of practicing compassion and love and of showing respect for our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, saying, “Being the children of God we should be Hiers glorious representatives and lead virtuous, saintly lives. All great spiritual Masters have been vegetarians.” As the sister spoke and at the subsequent question-and-answer session, Master’s power permeated the hall as the audience members responded with warmth, commenting that in the past Jesus’ mandates on vegetarianism had been distorted because important sections of the Bible were censored, and that Jesus consumed grape juice not wine during his life. Later another guest revealed, “I perceive a strong feeling of union among everyone in the hall.” Many who attended the talk subsequently visited the initiates’ booth, where they received information on spiritual practice along with sample booklets, and were invited to a video seminar the following Saturday, where several of the sincere seekers came and learned the Convenient Method.

In the afternoon, other lecturers provided excellent information that dispelled doubts regarding the sources of various minerals in the vegetarian diet. Then, an elderly naturopath told the initiates about one of his mystical experiences in which he traveled to an ugly planet that had colors but no atmosphere and wondered why he was there. He was told that he had allowed himself to be killed. Astonished, he kept asking, “What do you mean?” The answer was, “The body is your temple; not to defend it is a sin.” The doctor then stated that food should be our medicine, that there are no diseases but only ill people, and that “Natura Medicatrix” * is what protects, immunizes, and heals.

In conclusion, all the initiates who participated in the 2nd Vegetarian National Congress were enriched by the experience of conveying valuable information about Master to other vegetarian brothers and sisters, and learned valuable lessons in working harmoniously together. Moreover, the work team members were happy to be able to serve others and to witness the spiritual elevation spreading increasingly throughout our planet. 

The vital energy that, in its normal state, regulates the organism, providing it with the natural capacity of self-healing (defined by Samuel Hahnemann, the creator of Homeopathy)

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