96/Supreme Art/Enlightenment
Supreme Art


By Brother Initiate Artist Ha Cam Tam
San Jose, California, USA ( Originally In Au Lac Language)

n Extraordinary Painting That Still Appears Real
When One's Eyes Are Closed

Oil Painting, 41.2 cm x 51.3 cm, Hsihu - Formosa, June 1991

A shattered heart, a fallen leaf, an empress' fan, a precious gem in the heart of the boulder, or a whole treasure fallen from the sky into the middle of an ocean splashing water in every direction?

The more time we spend looking at the painting "Enlightenment" by Supreme Master Ching Hai, the more varied images we can see. The contrasting colors of purple in the background, bright yellow in a heart, and red and dark brown in the border around the heart add an uplifting sensation to the painting like white clouds in the middle of the sky, going against Earth's gravity to enter into the boundless cosmos. The viewer feels as if he is being upheld by an invisible power to be free from the influence of naked eye observation so as to hear the subtle vibrations resonating from the flickering colors found in each brush stroke of the enlightened artist. He is able to enjoy wonderful mysteries and feel fine tuned frequencies, which are indescribable in worldly language and not arguable by the Earthly mind. This precious experience enjoyed by the viewer is mainly a result of his mind being free of preconceptions, disagreements, envy and suspicion, which have long been rigidly and fully contained.

A second glance at the colors and style used by Supreme Master Ching Hai will assure one that the painting "Enlightenment" was completed with ease and fun, much like taking a breath without any effort, or strenuous attempts or fictitious thoughts. "Enlightenment" spontaneously reveals its beauty to viewers like a flower, a flying butterfly, the evening dew or morning sunshine. "Enlightenment" is a word of affection full of love spoken to us in the simplicity and the true existence of enlightenment of its colors and simple construction, which anyone could easily reconstruct.

A gem in the middle of a flower, in the heart of each one of us, is the power of the immeasurable, the strength of the invincible, which is God's soul full of love grander than the vast ocean. Everyone has this power and wisdom at his disposal to reach enlightenment. Naturally, we should feel the artist's urgent message sent through the painting which is: Return to a heart of truthfulness, return to wisdom and love. Be enlightened soon and return home!

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