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[Pescara] V avgustu, Zlato leto 4 (2007) so v Italiji, v Pescari organizirali prvi video seminar.

Pescara, Italy – First Video Seminar
By Italy News Group (Originally in English)

[Pescara] In August, Golden Year 4 (2007), the first Italian video seminar was organized in Pescara, a little known but beautiful city in Abruzzo, Italy. With the help of Slovenian brothers and sisters, we distributed 20,000 flyers in two days. This leaflet displayed information about the video seminar on one side and the new Supreme Master TV programming on the other.

Flyers were handed out at the beach, in the downtown area, at the street market, around the shopping malls and placed on the parked cars. Some were even taped to electrical boxes and caf windows. A few posters were also put up in the downtown area and along the promenade by the sea. One young man recognized Master and with a huge smile on his face said: “I know this lady; She is from the satellite channel. I love that program.” And a 10-year-old boy, upon seeing Master's photo, begged his mother to take him to the video seminar.

In the afternoon of August 13, about 60 people attended the conference. They enjoyed Master's video lecture, and about 40 people stayed to learn the Convenient Method. Those who couldn't stay eagerly asked how they could keep in touch and learn more about this method of meditation. After sharing a few snacks, we continued talking to those who stayed behind. When departing many thanked us and we could see that they had received a lot of blessings from Master by attending this event as their faces were glowing with a deep joy.

From the moment we started planning the seminar to the very end, we felt Master's blessing. Things went so smoothly! Her presence and overwhelming love culminated during the seminar; it was just incredible. Thank You Master for bringing the good news in Pescara!


With deep compassion for animals and concerned about repeated outbreaks of epidemic diseases among animals and humans, Master has offered the world a fundamental solution to the problem by personally designing a friendly but convincing leaflet entitled “Alternative Living” to remind people to choose the vegetarian diet and stop killing in order to overcome global medical crises and save our fellow beings. Master has also instructed all initiates to share this message with their brothers and sisters in every corner of the world. In response, the practitioners have initiated an all-out effort to share Her words of love.

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