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Humanity is at a critical crossroads as continued indulgence in old habits speeds up global warming. With a heart of love and compassion as well as a sense of urgency, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares Her great wisdom through a new leaflet that awakens people to the imperative need to adopt an alternative lifestyle that will help reverse the changing weather patterns. The “SOS – Be Veg! Go Green!” leaflet not only presents the hard facts, it more importantly lights the way to sustainable living in a balanced world. Master has sent a clear message: The vegetarian diet, sustainable energy and green technologies are choices that all must act upon now.

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[Jakarta] El centro de Yakarta llevo a cabo exitosamente una serie de campañas SOS

[Java Oriental] Compañeros iniciados en Java Oriental han hecho una misión el proporcionar información comprensiva a los ciudadanos de Indonesia acerca del calentamiento global y del estilo de vida vegetariano.

[Surabaya] De julio a agosto, los centros de Surabaya y Malang participaron en Surabaya Verde y Limpia (SGC).

SOS Campaigns in Jakarta

By Jakarta News Group (Originally in Indonesian)

[Jakarta] With Master’s blessing and unconditional love, the Jakarta Center successfully conducted a series of SOS campaigns and raised the awareness of the community to act upon the urgent crisis of global warming.

From June 8 to July 8, Golden Year 5 (2008), fellow initiates strategically put up hundreds of SOS banners in Indonesia around Jakarta that included the residential areas. They also distributed SOS global warming brochures and Alternative Living leaflets, broadcasted the message of “Be Veg and Go Green” through several local radio channels and conducted global warming seminars at schools.

On June 22, hundreds of bikers joined the “Tour de Green” organized by our fellow initiates with the local biker clubs. They wore SOS T-Shirts designed by one of the initiates and rode on the main CBD roads in Jakarta, distributing SOS brochures to the communities. Overall, 10,000 SOS brochures were handed out and hundreds of supportive signatures were collected on the 10-meter-long SOS banners.

    SOS banner “Save the Earth, Be Vegetarian, Go Green”  

The Governor of Jakarta, Dr. Ing. H. Fauzi Bowo, putting his signature to show his support on our “Be Veg, Go Green to Save the Planet” activity


    A 10-meter-long SOS banner full of signatures supporting “Save the Earth, Stop Global Warming, Support Vegetarian Activity and Go Green”  
“Tour de Green” bicycle campaign

On June 29, fellow initiates and their families performed the first “Walk of Love” campaign by marching peacefully from National Monument across the CBD road of Thamrin and Sudirman Streets to the Hotel Indonesia Circle. They distributed more than 10,000 SOS brochures, gave away 5,000 plant seeds, and collected thousands more signatures. The Governor of Jakarta, Dr. Ing. H. Fauzi Bowo, visited their booth and signed his name as well!

On July 13 and September 14, in response to the invitation from the Department of Environment to join the launch of the first Car Free Day program on the main road of Central Jakarta and East Jakarta, the initiates performed two more successful peaceful Walk of Love events. The Mayor of Central Jakarta, Dr. Hj. Sylviana Murni SH, Msi, and the Mayor of East Jakarta, Dr. H. Murdhani, MH, both signed the specially designed mini-SOS banner for government officers. Since September is a fasting month for our Muslim friends, the initiates showed their support by not drinking and eating during the activity.

Fully charged by Master’s compassion, Jakarta initiates are going “all out” to tell the world that vegetarianism is the only solution to stop global warming and save the planet. They believe that their efforts will bring positive impacts for Indonesia and the world.

Creating a Greener, Cleaner Indonesia

By East Java News Group (Originally in Indonesian)

[East Java] Fellow initiates in East Java have made it a mission to provide comprehensive information to the Indonesian citizens regarding global warming and the vegetarian lifestyle. Three booklets “Global Warming SOS,” “Creating Heaven on Earth through Love,” and “A Collection of Vegetarian Recipes,” have been translated into the local language, hoping to help people make the right decision, particularly in choosing a plant-based diet.

A total of 250,000 copies of Global Warming SOS were recently printed and sent to our local Centers in Malang, Magelang, Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bali for distribution. All three booklets, which are available free of charge, have evoked a heartening response from people who have suddenly realized that urgent action is needed to curb rising temperatures. The booklets drew high-level attention at gatherings convened by environmental groups and attended by central and local government officials.

They are available for free download at: (Indonesian)

[Surabaya] From July to August, the Surabaya and Malang Centers participated in “Surabaya Green & Clean” (SGC) held by Unilever, the world-renowned home and personal products company, Jawa Pos, the biggest media group in East Java and the Surabaya city government. Aiming to inform people of the importance of a greener and cleaner environment, the event took the form of village contests with the sponsors acting as the panel to decide which village is the greenest and cleanest in Surabaya. Road shows were also organized on Sundays and other holidays at selected villages, drawing crowds of over a thousand villagers and many government VIPs. The biggest and most influential newspaper in East Java, Jawa Pos, gave daily coverage on this event.

Fellow initiates took this great chance to give people more information about global warming and the vegetarian diet. They distributed a thousand copies of the booklets, shared 7,000 vegetarian meals, sponsored vegetarian cooking contests for road shows, and gave informative talks. They received good responses from the villagers who enjoyed the delicious vegetarian food and expressed their appreciation for the informative and supportive materials. Jawa Pos kindly covered the initiates’ activities in their newspaper twice!

Los compañeros iniciados locales, agradecidos por la bendición de la Maestra e incentivados por el éxito de todos estos eventos, están decididos a llevar el mensaje de la Maestra a cada rincón del país.