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The Messages Are Always The Same

Wisdom Of The Native Americans

We Are All The Children
Of Mother Earth

~Spoken By Grandpa Agapito Conche - spiritual leader of the Tao Pueblo people
and father of Thomas One Wolf - at the World Vision Conference

(Grandpa at the podium, holds up a hand with a feather
and says a blessing prayer for the people.)

"I have just prayed for all of you. I prayed to God above and to our Earth Mother for all of you. I pray all the time for this earth and for all the people. My prayers are strong for all people, I don't just pray for my own Indian people.

Every day I pray for our Mother Earth, and for all the people in the whole world, not just for the Indian people, because I know we are all the children of the Mother Earth. It doesn't matter what color your skin is or what your religion is, we are all the children of the Mother Earth.

We all have the same Father and we all have the same Mother, the Earth Mother. That means we are all in the same family. But we don't act like one family and we don't listen to our Mother Earth.

Instead of loving, respecting, and listening to our Mother Earth, and loving, respecting, and listening to each other, we argue, fight, and hurt each other, and we hurt the Mother Earth.

In the old ways, we had respect for Mother Earth; we listened to her. We did prayers and ceremonies and asked her if we could take something from her. When we needed water from her stream we asked first and then prayed our thanks. We treated her with great love and respect because she is our mother and from her all comes to us.

In these times most people don't show Mother Earth respect, and they don't show other people respect. Now we will all have to live with that. This is so. There is no way around it now. It is too late to stop the Mother who has to cleanse herself from all our ways of no respect.

My son knows and has a message to tell you now, what you must do if you are to survive what our Mother Earth has to do now. I pray you will listen to his words and know he speaks the truth of our Grandfather and our Earth Mother.

I love every one of you!!!! I pray for you every day."

(Grandpa raises his hand and a feather, and prays for all.)

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