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[Busan] Una Exitosa Presentación Vegetariana en un Colegio Secundario

A Successful Vegetarian Presentation
in Middle School

Por el Grupo de Noticias de Busan (Originalmente en coreano)

[Busán] On June 19, Golden Year 5 (2008), a sister initiate from the Busan Center gave a presentation entitled “The Vegetarian Diet and Our Environment” to 44 teachers in Dasun Middle School where she works. She elaborated on the harmful effects of meat-eating including global warming, and recommended that they adopt a healthier diet starting with one vegetarian meal a day. After the presentation, all the guests were given CDs containing the supporting research data regarding vegetarianism and were treated to a sumptuous vegetarian dinner prepared by the sisters from the Busan Center. The teachers found the food so delicious and satisfying that they even took home all the leftovers to share with their families. Many are eager to learn how to prepare these wonderful vegetarian dishes. Comments included: “I can’t believe these are made of only vegetarian ingredients.” “Where can I buy these kinds of food?” and “I think I can live the rest of my life on a pure vegetarian diet.”

La presentación ayudó a inculcar una perspectiva más positiva acerca del vegetarianismo. Los iniciados de Busan le agradecen a la Maestra por Su amor, el cual ha hecho de este evento un éxito tan grande.