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Life Is Ephemeral

[Report From Australia] Every month, members of the Sydney Center visit the Canley Vale Home for the elderly, the largest institution of its kind in the southwestern part of Sydney. This home houses senior citizens from many different ethnic backgrounds.
Sydney fellow initiates visited a local home for the elderly.

The staff leads the visiting initiates to every sick patient and each is warmly greeted before he is presented with gifts and a sample booklet. Through their conversations with the elderly, the initiates learn about the many heartbreaking events in their lives. Some of the senior citizens used to receive visits from family members in the beginning, but were later forgotten. They now have no choice but to share the clothes and other necessities of those who have passed on before them. One of the elderly ladies came from a wealthy family. When she first arrived at the home, her children often came to visit and took good care of her. But once she had signed her will, she was immediately rewarded with being ignored by her family.

The initiates leave the home for the elderly feeling much distress, but they are thankful to Master for giving them the chance to learn the realities of life. They can now better understand the precious lesson that Master has been constantly teaching us all: We must practice diligently because life is ephemeral. Don't wait until tomorrow because we never know what will happen then.

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