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Visit Of Love
To The Taipei Happy Mount Home

[Report From Formosa] On August 30, fellow practitioners from the Keelung Center visited the Taipei Happy Mount Home, hoping to share Master's love and bring some joy into the lives of the mentally disabled children housed in this suburban Taipei home.

The Center arranged for the participants to play the role of loving parents each taking care of a child on that day. Games and group activities were specially designed for the occasion by a sister initiate experienced in special education. Through one-on-one contact and group activities, fellow practitioners planted Master's love in the hearts of the children who quickly immersed themselves in the joyful atmosphere and the ocean of Master's blessings.

At noon, the children were treated to a sumptuous European-style vegetarian buffet, its diverse variety of attractive and delicious non-meat dishes surprising the staff of the home who had not expected the Center to put so much effort into culinary preparation. The day's activity drew to a close as members of the Happy Mount Home and participating initiates shared in God's grace and partook in the wonderful lunch.

Before the initiates left the home, they visited those children confined to bed by severe disabilites, hoping to share Master's love with them as well. The sight of these bedridden youngsters and the stories that the nurses recounted about them touched the hearts of the initiates, many of whom were moved to tears.
The sincerity of fellow practitioners floods Happy Mount with divine light and sound.

The initiates' acts of sincerity left the staff much impressed. Their material contributions, the time they gave, and their heartwarming activity formed a sharp contrast to the usual delivery of donations and gifts followed by a quick departure as in the case of most charity donors.

Despite limited human and financial resources that have made it difficult for the Keelung Center to sponsor such activities, fellow initiates in this northern Formosan city took their first brave step forward, overcoming countless difficulties in this major trial. The success of this activity has instilled greater confidence among the initiates who have not forgotten to thank Master for Her love and blessings, and Taipei initiates for their support.

<Insight From A Fellow Practitioner>


By Sister Initiate Li Yu-han, Taipei, Formosa

On that day, I chose to become a one-day foster parent of a fourteen-year-old boy who looked seven or eight years younger than his real age. He is both deaf and mute, and could not move his limbs with agility. He is also autistically inclined, so he could only communicate with me through his soul. This marvelous conversation between hearts touched my soul and gave me great spiritual inspiration. This teenager was so pure at heart and free from distracting thoughts that he could concentrate fully in playing with any toy I handed to him, while his dancing limbs showed how happy he was. When I served him food, he would choose one piece at a time and eat it with total concentration gratefully and happily. Sometimes, he would also sit in silence, absorbed in his own thoughts. I wondered what was going through his mind? I took his hand trying to get him to walk around, but he stretched out his arms asking me to carry him. When I did carry him, he buried his head deep into my shoulder, throwing his body into my arms to enjoy the warmth of maternal love. His face shone with bliss, contentment, and unspoken gratitude. It was then that I realized the true meaning behind the Confucian saying - love the elderly and children of others as your own.

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